Science and Technology


in skin care

We improve skin health through                               personalized diagnosis and treatment

Science and Technology


in skin care

We improve skin health through personalized diagnosis and treatment.

The skin microbiome is the community of microorganisms that live on your skin

Knowing its composition allows us to understand its relationship to certain skin conditions such as acne, premature aging, and others, and provides us with information to improve your skin’s well-being.

Personalized diagnosis

and treatment to

naturally restore 

your skin’s balance 

We use our skin microbiome database to understand the balance of your microorganisms.

Using predictive artificial intelligence algorithms, we know and predict the condition of your skin, develop products and recommend personalized solutions.

Learn about our process and discover how we can improve the health of your skin 

Skin microbiome sampling

A dermatologist takes a non-invasive sample of the microorganisms by swabbing the skin.

DNA extraction and sequencing

In the lab, we extract the genetic material from the microorganisms on your skin.

Analysis of the skin microbiome

We compare the genetic material to our database to find out which microorganisms live on your skin.

Development of customized solutions

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we create personalized solutions that naturally balance your skin’s health.

What we offer you at Biotalife Skin

We use the latest scientific advances in DNA sequencing to analyze your skin microbiome. Using artificial intelligence, we identify the health of your skin, predict changes and develop specific solutions to restore your skin’s natural balance.

The result is a solution that is 100% personalized to the needs of each skin type. In this way, we rebalance the skin’s microbiome.

Caring for your skin through 

science, technology and innovation